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How Big?

Our Start/Finish Lines are perfect for all your race day needs.

For sizing and specifications for your event, please see photograph and descriptions below and right.


'Finish Line Services' provides Start and Finish Line services and equipment for all types of events:

  • cross-country, trail, road and off-road running
  • cycling and mountain biking
  • triathlons, duathlons and multi-sport
  • cross-country and downhill skiing
  • snowshoe races
  • special events, expos; let your imagination be your guide,
    from birthdays to bathtub races, and even wedding ceremonies!

'Finish Line Services' has been providing Start and Finish Line services and equipment at running, cycling, multi-sport and other events in Southern Ontario since 2003. For more information, please view our Portfolio page.

Our services and equipment include single and multi-structure Start and/or Finish Lines, as well as inflatable mileage mark structures (i.e., 10k, marathon half way, 20 mile, final kilometre, transition zone entry/exit, and even a wall of water!).

'Finish Line Services' provides worry-free, fast, race day set-up and take-down of our structures and equipment. No scaffolds or pre-race day set-ups are required. We monitor our equipment and are on site throughout your event. Event Directors, we look after your Start/Finish Line so you don't have to. Imagine! One less thing to worry about on race day so you can concentrate on your event! We make you look good!

Want to purchase your Own inflatable? Let 'Finish Line Services' custom design an inflatable structure for your specific needs! Our custom-designed inflatable structures can be found at world-class cycling, running and skiing events all over the world!


Our Start/Finish Line equipment is completely portable, and includes everything we need to provide our services for your event:

  • all-weather inflatable Start/Finish Line structures
  • all-weather inflatable barriers
  • traffic cones
  • generators
  • clocks
  • flags
  • "Start"/"Finish" banners
  • a starter's platform/podium
  • 11 foot feather flag Start Line system ***NEW*** (perfect for a point-to-point race where you need a separate and highly visible start line marker!)

  • colourful Mini-Systems

    Our larger Start/Finish Line inflatable systems include multiple individual ten-foot lengths of inflatable barrier that can be added to either side of the structures for the desired Start/Finish or other event configuration.

    And, each of our larger inflatable structures and barriers together provide over 300 square feet of banner and advertising space!


    Inflatable Structures (various sizes):
  • Outside width: 20 to 28 feet
  • Opening width: 12 to 20 feet
  • Total height: 16 feet
  • Inside height: 12 feet

    click for more photos

    Inflatable Barriers:
  • Length of each barrier: 10 feet
  • Height of each barrier: 3 feet 6 inches
  • Width of each barrier: 3 feet 6 inches
  • Square footage of banner/advertising space per barrier:
    20 sq. ft per side of banner

    Starter's Platform/Podium:
  • Total height of structure (to top of railing): 87 inches
  • Height to platform level: 45 inches
  • Total width of structure: 24 inches
  • Total depth of structure: 56 inches
  • Platform dimensions: 30 inches x 24 inches